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Doctor’s NoteBody & Mind

Doctor’s Note

Doctor: Dr. Clay HaldemanSpecialty: Neurosurgery Hospitalized following a car accident in college, this Indiana native admired the doctors helping his recovery. Changing course to pursue medical school, he became fascinated…
Joint ResolutionBody & Mind

Joint Resolution

Americans undergo a million hip and knee replacement surgeries each year
When Strep StrikesBody & Mind

When Strep Strikes

Distinguishing between a viral infection and an assault by the group A streptococcus bacteria
Fresh Health News: Winter 2023Advances in Healthcare

Fresh Health News: Winter 2023

Respiratory viruses, sleep and glaucoma, cholesterol lowering supplements, developments in dementia research, and more
Football FoodBody & Mind

Football Food

Rather than punting on greasy football fare, opt for healthier appetizers at your Super Bowl party.
Fans for the WinBody & Mind

Fans for the Win

No matter which jersey you sport, fans have reason to celebrate. Sports score big in the social interaction arena.
Search & RescueAdvances in Healthcare

Search & Rescue

New robotic technology allows doctors to detect lung cancer sooner
Kick the CanRecipes & Nutrition

Kick the Can

Ditch the ready-made soups and spoon up healthy homemade revamps of piping hot favorites
On Her GameCommunity

On Her Game

Dr. Autumn Shobe set her sights on healing and empowering women with breast cancer
Show of SupportBody & Mind

Show of Support

A closer look at pelvic floor disorders with urogynecologist Dr. Bernard Taylor
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