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When to Go Where? Emergency Room vs Express Care.Well-Being

When to Go Where? Emergency Room vs Express Care.

Goodness knows when you’re facing an urgent health crisis, the last thing you need is more confusion. So here’s a cheat sheet to help you know when the Emergency Room…
The Power of a Friendly HelloWell-Being

The Power of a Friendly Hello

A casual check-in can have a powerful effect on its recipients, says a recent Journal of Personality and Social Psychology study
Fresh Health News: Fall 2022Advances in Healthcare

Fresh Health News: Fall 2022

Outpacing dementia, heart disease in women, chronically ill young adults, short workouts, tuned out teens, and over-the-counter hearing aids
When Your Child’s Spine is Out of LineBody & Mind

When Your Child’s Spine is Out of Line

Is it the teenage slouch, or is something askew with your child’s spine?
Doctor’s NoteBody & Mind

Doctor’s Note

Dr. Jeff Paulsen’s work may center on the heart, but the cardiologist views this primary organ as the cornerstone to whole-body health.
Ask the Expert: Cheese, Please!Recipes & Nutrition

Ask the Expert: Cheese, Please!

You Want to Know: How should I navigate the many cheese choices?
Spark Your Mind with CreativityBody & Mind

Spark Your Mind with Creativity

Boost brain health by fitting creativity in your daily routine.
You Need A VacationBody & Mind

You Need A Vacation

Taking time away from your everyday routine boosts overall wellness
Mighty & MeatlessCommunity

Mighty & Meatless

Red lentil curry with rice and a burrata cheese plate with heirloom tomatoes, spinach and peaches + mango sparkling water at Jack of Cups Saloon
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