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Herbal RemedyRecipes & Nutrition

Herbal Remedy

Fresh herbs deliver earthy flavor and green nutrition to spruce up your spring eats RECIPES & FOOD STYLING BY Anna Hampton PHOTOGRAPHS BY Helene Dujardin Grilled Shrimp with Tzatziki Sauce…
Adaptive TechnologyAdvances in Healthcare

Adaptive Technology

Forward-thinking bariatric surgeons exercise the newest robotic technology in the operating room WRITTEN BY Lauren B. JohnsonPHOTOGRAPHS BY (Dr. Mitchell) Brett Tighe; (woman) Nina Buday & (robot) courtesy of Intuitive…
The COVID-19 Vaccine & MoreTips From Our Experts

The COVID-19 Vaccine & More

PHOTOGRAPHS BY (vaccine) & (dad & daughter) Akarawut When COVID-19 launched a state of emergency last spring, most of us didn’t imagine we’d still be battling a global pandemic…
Understanding Ear TubesBody & Mind

Understanding Ear Tubes

A quick procedure by an ENT can end a child’s painful cycle of ear infections WRITTEN BY Alex KeithPHOTOGRAPHS BY (girl) H_Ko; (tonsillectomy) Prostock-studio & (tablet) Kiat Thaworn Fussing. Fever.…
Bald SpotBody & Mind

Bald Spot

Shedding a light on the hair loss that naturally occurs as men and women age  WRITTEN BY Samatha ConnorsPHOTOGRAPHS BY (male) ESB Professional; (brushing hair) Monkey Business Images & (napping)…
DIET MISTAKE: Consuming sugar-free everything to lose weightRecipes & Nutrition

DIET MISTAKE: Consuming sugar-free everything to lose weight

CONTRIBUTOR Jillian Morgan, RD, LD, CDE  THE FLAW: When trying to create a calorie deficit, many people swap sugary beverages and treats for sugar-free alternatives, which are sweetened with sugar…
Ask the Expert: BreadsRecipes & Nutrition

Ask the Expert: Breads

CONTRIBUTOR Jillian Morgan, RD, LD, CDE UPPER CRUST: You want to know: Wheat, whole-grain, sprouted, sourdough, seven-grain, homemade—any way you slice it, “good-for-you” loaves are everywhere. Of all the bread…
Perk Up Your PostureBody & Mind

Perk Up Your Posture

What does it mean to have “good” posture? The answer may surprise you! WRITTEN BY Molly RamseyPHOTOGRAPHS BY (woman) Josep Suria & (man seated) Africa Studio Sit up straight with…
Hike a HillBody & Mind

Hike a Hill

WRITTEN BY Molly Ramsey PHOTOGRAPH BY Erica Navarro The Lowcountry is home to gorgeous vistas that can instantly boost mood and improve mindset. And spring offers ideal weather for long…
Under AttackBody & Mind

Under Attack

Panic attacks affect millions of Americans each year, yet remain highly misunderstood. Learn what triggers these waves of overwhelming terror and how to cope when an episode suddenly strikes WRITTEN…
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