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NEW RESEARCH: Keep in TouchFamily

NEW RESEARCH: Keep in Touch

A 2020 study underscores the significance of skin-to-skin contact between babies and caregivers  Any parent knows that newborn babies crave cuddle time. But a new study puts a spotlight on…
Ask the Expert: NoodlesRecipes & Nutrition

Ask the Expert: Noodles

You want to know: The pasta aisle has exploded in recent years. In addition to different shapes, I now see dried noodles made from chickpeas and black beans. And recipes…
Lather Up!Body & Mind

Lather Up!

The point of soap is basic: to cleanse our skin from dirt and bacteria. But choosing a bottle from the endless options on the market? That’s another story. We chatted…
Let’s Zoom InAdvances in Healthcare

Let’s Zoom In

Meet the 3T MRI: one of the most powerful and precise diagnostic imaging tools available  Written By Kinsey Gidick  In 1895, a Bavarian physics professor (accidentally!) invented the X-ray. It…
High FlyerCommunity

High Flyer

Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated orthopaedic surgeon—and former Air Force pilot—Dr. Robert Sullivan is committed to living life to its fullest Written by Kinsey Gidick Photographs by Scott Henderson In…
Fresh Health News: Winter 2021Body & Mind

Fresh Health News: Winter 2021

Sweet Dreams Swedish study suggests an effective, non-medicinal treatment for insomnia Roughly 30 percent of American adults suffer from intermittent insomnia, or a disturbance in one’s ability to fall or…
Instant ZenWell-Being

Instant Zen

Life is full of stressors, from child-rearing and pandemic maneuvering to work deadlines and traffic. Fortunately, our body has a built-in superpower to cut stress on the spot. Science shows…
Matters of the HeartBody & Mind

Matters of the Heart

Do you know the leading killer of American women? The answer is heart disease; however, according to results from a 2019 American Heart Association (AHA) survey, only 44 percent of…
Beat the BloatBody & Mind

Beat the Bloat

Bloating is a common complaint, but do you know why it occurs? Here’s the why, how and what to do for those uncomfortable belly blues Written by Jennifer B. Slaton “My…
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