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Greek Yogurt: Greek Yogurt Substitutions and Additions

Greek yogurt is a great substitution in many recipes. The live cultures are destroyed when heated but you still get the benefit of the protein found in the yogurt. Here are some suggestions in which to substitute or use Greek yogurt when cooking:

  • Replace sour cream with plain, nonfat yogurt in a ranch-style dip
  • Substitute nonfat or reduced fat yogurt for mayonnaise in chicken/tuna/egg salad recipes
  • Flavor plain yogurt with your favorite herbs and spices and add to marinades to aid in meat tenderizing
  • Top plain yogurt with fresh berries and a calorie free sweetener in place of fruit-flavored yogurt that usually contains added sugar
  • Add chopped cucumber and dill weed to plain yogurt and use as topping for salmon or grilled chicken
  • Flavor plain yogurt with sugar-free gourmet syrups like those added to specialty coffee drinks
  • You may also flavor plain yogurt with sugar-free preservatives for a special flavor treat
  • Mix lime juice (or a crystallized lime packet), a calorie-free sweetener and a teaspoon of vanilla extract for a dessert-like treat in place of key lime pie
  • Fold in protein powder or mix in a blender protein powder, water or milk and ice for a creamy shake
  • Try freezing yogurt flavored with sugar-free flavoring or protein powder such as mint chocolate chip or birthday cake flavored protein powder
  • Swap eggs and oil in baked goods for Greek yogurt
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