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Great Tips for Healthy Weight Management

When it comes to managing your weight, sometimes it’s the little things that added together can make the biggest impact. Go ahead and give the following tips a try.

Make Healthy Food Choices: This may mean different things to different people. The best advice for healthy food choices is for you to meet with a nutritionist or registered dietitian and make a plan based on your individual tastes.

Portion Control: Portion distortion is typical in the American diet. Even fruit that is sold at the grocery can be distorted. Take an apple for example, a serving size for an apple is a small fist however in the grocery store we see softball-sized apples, which may be two or three servings. Keep a food diary.

Do Some Type of Activity: Activity should be the norm of your day just like brushing your teeth or eating meals. Choosing an activity that you like is going to make the time go faster and will usually boost your morale about doing the activity. It is recommended that the average adult exercise 30 minutes most days of the week. Keep an activity diary.

Drink Water: Our bodies need fluids to help digest food, eliminate waste and maintain healthy vital organs. A good rule of thumb is to include water in your daily time schedule. Perhaps instead of having your first fluids as your cup of coffee, drink 12-16 oz of water as you get ready in the morning. Have water mid-morning, later-afternoon and then again in the evening after dinner. Put your fluid intake on a schedule so that you are more likely to consume the amount necessary to keep you healthy. Keep a fluid dairy.

Try all of these tips together to help manage your weight for a longer, healthier life.


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