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Fresh Seafood from The Royal Tern

Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated dietitian Jillian Morgan, RD, LD, CDE, recently met a friend at The Royal Tern, a fine-dining seafood restaurant on Johns Island. She ordered salmon served with broccoli rabe, patatas bravas and a picatta sauce, plus half a dozen oysters from the raw bar. Here’s her thought process behind the order:

  • – “The entrée was nutritionally balanced, with complex carbohydrates from the potatoes, a nutrient-rich vegetable in the broccoli rabe and lean protein from the salmon,” says Morgan. “Even so, it was a light serving, so my friend and I split a dozen oysters. With those, I felt comfortably full and fueled.”
  • – Oysters are rich in two micronutrients that boost the health of your blood: vitamin B12 and iron. “Vitamin B12 aids in the production of red blood cells while iron helps your body efficiently transport oxygen,” says Morgan.
  • – Salmon is a nutrient-dense protein option. “It’s loaded with omega-3 fatty acids,” says Morgan. Frequent consumption of omega-3s has been shown to boost brain health and potentially lower one’s risk for heart disease, arthritis and other chronic ailments.
  • – Broccoli rabe delivered a healthy dose of vitamin A, which is a top-notch immune booster (important during peak cold and flu season!).
  • – If you’re sensitive to fat content, note that the patatas bravas are prepared with a quick fry. “Part of what makes dining out a treat is enjoying foods you might not usually eat at home,” says Morgan. “Enjoy what’s on your plate and pay attention to fullness cues as the meal may be richer than you’re used to.”

The Royal Tern
3005 Maybank Highway, Johns Island, (843) 718-3434

Photograph by Niki Nero

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