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Stream Your Workout

While working out at home has always been a convenient way to squeeze some exercise into a busy day, the COVID-19 pandemic made it a must when local gyms, yoga studios, fitness clubs and senior centers temporarily suspended in-person classes. Though some facilities are back up and running in person at limited capacity, almost all continue to offer virtual classes as a way to social distance. 

In addition to local options, there has never been a wider selection of high-quality exercise streaming services available. From Glo yoga to Peloton cycling, The Class calisthenics, Obé Fitness (which offers barre, Pilates, sculpt and more) and many others—opportunities for engaging in a heart-pumping, mind-calming and muscle-toning workout at home abound. 


  •  – You’re alone. By streaming a workout, you can orient yourself to a new exercise style sans a room of strangers. Plus, most streaming sites offer a complimentary introductory trial so you can test drive an activity before committing to a monthly subscription. 
  •  – There’s no commute. Simply roll out a mat, hop on the stationary bike or slip on your sneakers and press play. Most streaming sites offer a range of class lengths—anywhere from five minutes to an hour or more—so you can choose a session that suits your schedule. 
  •  – It’s effective. Whether you’re live-streaming a local class or watching an on-demand video, an expert will supply helpful instruction and safety tips. 
  •  – It’s affordable. Monthly subscriptions to exercise streaming services are typically cheaper than packages for in-person classes. 


  • If you’re craving a communal experience, a live-streamed local class is your best bet. Search online for your favorite area fitness studio; they may be offering live-streamed virtual classes. For a more customizable workout plan, on-demand streaming apps and websites are a smart choice. 
  • Don’t just make a mental note of a workout you want to stream tomorrow. Pen it into your planner and set up your gear the night before. Doing a little prep work can significantly improve your odds of following through.
  • – Whether you’re participating in a yoga class via the Lowcountry Senior Center or are streaming a Peloton ride, try to choose a workout space with a pleasant view. If possible, exercise outdoors for an added energy boost. 

By Molly Ramsey

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