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Bob and Vikki

A life-changing turn

Last October, Bob and Vikki descended 4,000 feet of elevation, winding around switchbacks in their motorhome on a return trip from Highlands, NC. Once in the valley, Vikki took the wheel to give Bob a break. He walked to the rear of the coach to grab a snack, and that’s when Vikki made a turn that changed the course of their lives.

Bob lost his footing, slamming his lower back into a handrail. Crawling back into his seat, he assured her he would be OK. But just a few days later, he began feeling really sick. His doctor’s office directed him to the ER. After a CT scan, the doctor returned with a diagnosis: “You have a mass on your kidney; it’s cancer.” In the exact spot where Bob had hit his back was a tumor that would have to be removed. Watch to learn more about Bob’s journey.

Bob and Vikki
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