Advances in Healthcare

Breathe Easier!Advances in Healthcare

Breathe Easier!

Roper St. Francis’ affordable new lung cancer screenings will help save lives. It’s early November and the pink ribbons so
Fighting for a World Without Alzheimer’s DiseaseAdvances in Healthcare

Fighting for a World Without Alzheimer’s Disease

Alzheimer’s disease affects more than five million Americans. This disease destroys brain cells, resulting in the deterioration of the victims’
Google DocAdvances in Healthcare

Google Doc

Dr. Ken Mitchell thinks his new Google Glass really looks cool. But moreover, he believes this cutting-edge technology will ultimately
For Love and MoneyAdvances in Healthcare

For Love and Money

This is a story about disease, fear, love and money; four things that link Donna Bush and Dr. Matthew Beldner
Palm Scan Technology Provides Increased Patient Safety, Quality of CareAdvances in Healthcare

Palm Scan Technology Provides Increased Patient Safety, Quality of Care

Healthcare is constantly changing, but two things will always remain top priorities: patient safety and quality of care. The commitment
Army Wife Saved by CyberKnifeAdvances in Healthcare

Army Wife Saved by CyberKnife

“I made the mistake of asking my oncologist about my survivability,” she said. “Don’t ever do that. He told me
The Age of GenomicsAdvances in Healthcare

The Age of Genomics

When you’re in a war, you need a secret weapon because the enemy is constantly changing. In the war on cancer, patients have routinely
Not Your Great Grandmother’s SurgeryAdvances in Healthcare

Not Your Great Grandmother’s Surgery

Joint replacements. Something you may think of as a procedure intended only for your great grandmother, right? Well, it may
Advances in Robotic Surgery at Roper HospitalAdvances in Healthcare

Advances in Robotic Surgery at Roper Hospital

Minimally invasive surgery has come a long way since the first laparoscopic procedure was performed on a human in the
Research Is Good MedicineAdvances in Healthcare

Research Is Good Medicine

Mr. Smith’s mother suffered from Alzheimer’s disease. When he came to see me in my office, he wanted what most