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Hip arthroscopyAdvances in Healthcare

Hip arthroscopy

Hip Arthroscopy: A Minimally Invasive Look Inside Your Hip Joint When rest, physical therapy and other non-surgical treatments fail to
Cutting-Edge CareAdvances in Healthcare

Cutting-Edge Care

Roper St. Francis Healthcare builds a state-of-the-art facility to treat blood and lymph node cancers, thanks to a former patient
Eat More Plants for Longer LifeBody & Mind

Eat More Plants for Longer Life

While we know fruits and vegetables help us thrive, a fresh study underscores the power of plants
The Nosebleed SectionBody & Mind

The Nosebleed Section

Nosebleeds can be frightening, especially when they occur without warning, but bloody noses usually aren’t as worrisome as they might…
Step-Up Your Foot Care RoutineBody & Mind

Step-Up Your Foot Care Routine

Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated podiatrist Dr. Brian Ralph stresses that the number one thing we can do for the…
Cut & Dry: Trimming ToenailsBody & Mind

Cut & Dry: Trimming Toenails

Trimming your toenails is a pretty straightforward process, as long as you follow a few simple guidelines and use the…
Playing It CoolBody & Mind

Playing It Cool

The human ability to perspire is regarded as an evolutionary marvel and one of our most distinctive traits. We pore…
Sugar CoatedBody & Mind

Sugar Coated

Kicking the sugar habit offers sweet rewards for your long-term health and wellbeing
Out of SyncBody & Mind

Out of Sync

Feeling off beat? An arrhythmia may be at the heart of the problem. We drum up the signs of this…
Neuropathy: On Pins & NeedlesBody & Mind

Neuropathy: On Pins & Needles

Peripheral neuropathy trips up more than eight percent of seniors
Doctor’s NoteBody & Mind

Doctor’s Note

Dr. John Cleek’s common-sense approach to wellness and weight loss emphasizes balance and understanding
Fresh Health News: Spring 2022Advances in Healthcare

Fresh Health News: Spring 2022

Ischemic strokes in young women, exercise for longer life, blood pressure on the rise, insight into eye exams, infants and…
What do I need to know about toenail injuries?Body & Mind

What do I need to know about toenail injuries?

If you’ve ever snagged your toenail or had your nail grow into your skin, you know firsthand how painful it
What is a Foot Neuroma – and how can I treat it?Body & Mind

What is a Foot Neuroma – and how can I treat it?

Have you ever heard of a neuroma? You might not be familiar with the term, but chances are, you or
Can essential oils ease cold and flu symptoms?Body & Mind

Can essential oils ease cold and flu symptoms?

Congestion, coughing, runny nose, body aches – we’ve all been there during cold and flu season. And it’s positively miserable.
Breaking the Screen HabitBody & Mind

Breaking the Screen Habit

Over the past two years, Americans have leaned on screens more than ever before. The New Year calls for a…
Fresh Health News: Winter 2022Advances in Healthcare

Fresh Health News: Winter 2022

Meditation to relieve chronic stress, updated dietary guidelines from the American Heart Association, new research on chronic pain, and more
Repairing droopy eyelidsBody & Mind

Repairing droopy eyelids

Beyond merely looking tired, droopy eyelids can lead to problems with daily functions like walking and driving.
Do we need winter layers?Body & Mind

Do we need winter layers?

When the temperatures are frigid, can going outside without a coat really make you sick?
Sleep, InterruptedBody & Mind

Sleep, Interrupted

More than just disruptive, snoring may signal a dangerous sleeping disorder.
The ABCs of Healthy ZZZsBody & Mind

The ABCs of Healthy ZZZs

Most people need between seven and nine hours to move through all of the stages of sleep, including deep sleep.
Muscle UpBody & Mind

Muscle Up

Regardless of age or athletic ability, a healthy muscle mass works to prevent injury and even increase your lifespan. Read
Doctor’s NoteBody & Mind

Doctor’s Note

For Dr. Paige Cisa, a college mission trip to Kenya underscored how impactful—and sensitive—basic gynecological care can be for women
The Alcohol EffectBody & Mind

The Alcohol Effect

A sobering look at the physical and mental tolls of heavy drinking