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Football FoodBody & Mind

Football Food

Rather than punting on greasy football fare, opt for healthier appetizers at your Super Bowl party.
Fresh Health News: Winter 2023Advances in Healthcare

Fresh Health News: Winter 2023

Respiratory viruses, sleep and glaucoma, cholesterol lowering supplements, developments in dementia research, and more
When Strep StrikesBody & Mind

When Strep Strikes

Distinguishing between a viral infection and an assault by the group A streptococcus bacteria
Joint ResolutionBody & Mind

Joint Resolution

Americans undergo a million hip and knee replacement surgeries each year
Doctor’s NoteBody & Mind

Doctor’s Note

Doctor: Dr. Clay HaldemanSpecialty: Neurosurgery Hospitalized following a car accident in college, this Indiana native admired the doctors helping his
Fans for the WinBody & Mind

Fans for the Win

No matter which jersey you sport, fans have reason to celebrate. Sports score big in the social interaction arena.
Finding ReliefBody & Mind

Finding Relief

Deciding which over-the-counter pain reliever to use depends on your age and your ache
Drug-Free Zone: Alternative Pain ReliefBody & Mind

Drug-Free Zone: Alternative Pain Relief

Alternative pain relief may be worth exploring for certain types of chronic pain
Navigating CancerBody & Mind

Navigating Cancer

Roper St. Francis Healthcare follows a team-care model when treating patients for cancer
A Protein PrimerBody & Mind

A Protein Primer

Strengthen your understanding of this macronutrient
Show of SupportBody & Mind

Show of Support

A closer look at pelvic floor disorders with urogynecologist Dr. Bernard Taylor
Wagging tails brighten livesBody & Mind

Wagging tails brighten lives

Pets are more than cute companions — they can be sources of comfort, too. That’s the case whether at home
Fresh Health News: Fall 2022Advances in Healthcare

Fresh Health News: Fall 2022

Outpacing dementia, heart disease in women, chronically ill young adults, short workouts, tuned out teens, and over-the-counter hearing aids
When Your Child’s Spine is Out of LineBody & Mind

When Your Child’s Spine is Out of Line

Is it the teenage slouch, or is something askew with your child’s spine?
Nourishment Needed for Half of SeniorsBody & Mind

Nourishment Needed for Half of Seniors

One in two U.S. seniors doesn’t get adequate nutrition
Doctor’s NoteBody & Mind

Doctor’s Note

Dr. Jeff Paulsen’s work may center on the heart, but the cardiologist views this primary organ as the cornerstone to…
Spark Your Mind with CreativityBody & Mind

Spark Your Mind with Creativity

Boost brain health by fitting creativity in your daily routine.
You Need A VacationBody & Mind

You Need A Vacation

Taking time away from your everyday routine boosts overall wellness
Got Gall?Body & Mind

Got Gall?

A closer look at living with gallstones—and without the gallbladder
Above the SaltBody & Mind

Above the Salt

Seasoned advice about boosting health by cutting down the sodium in your daily diet
What is Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and its symptoms and treatments?Body & Mind

What is Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and its symptoms and treatments?

Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) is an illness that happens when narrowed arteries reduce blood flow, most often to the lower
The dos and don’ts of diabetic foot careBody & Mind

The dos and don’ts of diabetic foot care

If you have diabetes, you can keep your feet healthy by following a few simple steps. Dr. Mary Hanley, medical
4 quick tips to help kick painful period crampsBody & Mind

4 quick tips to help kick painful period cramps

The sciency name for that throbbing, cramping, aching, you-want-to-stay-home-in-bed feeling that you likely experience every month is dysmenorrhea. The pain
Playing It Safe with Sports PhysicalsBody & Mind

Playing It Safe with Sports Physicals

What’s the goal of tackling a sports physical every season?  Written By Stephanie SturdyPhotograph By Scott Henderson Parents want to