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Curious About CholesterolBody & Mind

Curious About Cholesterol

Our bodies cannot function without this vital lipid, but how do we separate the good from the bad?
Home Sweet HospitalAdvances in Healthcare

Home Sweet Hospital

Roper St. Francis Healthcare leads an effort to deliver acute hospital care directly to patients’ homes.
The weight of menopauseBody & Mind

The weight of menopause

There are plenty of reasons you could gain weight during the perimenopausal and postmenopausal stages of your life. It’s also
6 ways to winter-proof your immune systemBody & Mind

6 ways to winter-proof your immune system

Winter offers a lot to look forward to — the changing weather and extra time with friends and family. But
Should you crack your joints?Body & Mind

Should you crack your joints?

We’ve all heard the old wives’ tale that cracking your knuckles or popping your joints will cause arthritis. But is
“Falling back” an hour: How daylight savings can impact your healthBody & Mind

“Falling back” an hour: How daylight savings can impact your health

Fresh from a summer of long days filled with sunshine, the transition to fall and fewer daylight hours can feel
Diet MistakeBody & Mind

Diet Mistake

Diet Mistake: Dwelling on what we stand to lose rather than what can be gained from healthy changes
Pain in the BumBody & Mind

Pain in the Bum

Too much sitting or standing stresses the deep-seated piriformis muscle and leads to rear end aches
Seated StretchesBody & Mind

Seated Stretches

When getting up and moving isn’t an option, seated stretches offer a convenient platform to keep the body limber without…
Supporting Breast HealthBody & Mind

Supporting Breast Health

Here, we review the most up-to-date advice given to women for supporting these glandular organs, from anatomical awareness to chest…
The Metabolism FactorBody & Mind

The Metabolism Factor

Decoding how the body’s complex chemical processes influence the numbers on your scale
Aligning the SpineBody & Mind

Aligning the Spine

The spine serves as the backbone of human mobility, but back pain flattens eight out of 10 people at some…
A Clear PictureAdvances in Healthcare

A Clear Picture

Doctors utilize video X-rays to pinpoint urinary tract troubles
Sit to Get FitBody & Mind

Sit to Get Fit

When balance and coordination concerns threaten to bench seniors, chair-based sports help get players back into fitness
The Tween Hygiene RoutineBody & Mind

The Tween Hygiene Routine

Growing adolescent bodies call for more grown-up personal care habits
Doctor’s NoteBody & Mind

Doctor’s Note

Dr. Jeffrey Armstrong, a Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated podiatric surgeon and certified athletic trainer, kicks around his top advice…
Fresh Health News: Fall 2021Advances in Healthcare

Fresh Health News: Fall 2021

Change in Season – A simple salt switch offers plenty of flavor without the unpalatable risks associated with too much
Understanding Vaccine BreakthroughAdvances in Healthcare

Understanding Vaccine Breakthrough

Early this fall, as cases of COVID-19 surged again despite available vaccines, questions about “breakthrough cases” also began to surge.
Hot Topic Alert! Let’s Talk MenopauseBody & Mind

Hot Topic Alert! Let’s Talk Menopause

Menopause is a natural, normal process. For many women, it can feel mysterious — because we don’t talk a lot
Prepregnancy & pregnancy nutrition basicsBody & Mind

Prepregnancy & pregnancy nutrition basics

Whether you are pregnant or want to become pregnant, your nutrition and lifestyle can help ensure a safe and healthy
How healthy is your poop? 💩Body & Mind

How healthy is your poop? 💩

Your stool offers useful information about the health of your digestive system. Here’s how to “read” it. Healthy poop varies
Preventive Screenings: Know in AdvanceBody & Mind

Preventive Screenings: Know in Advance

Preventive screenings help us stay one step ahead of some of the deadliest diseases, because when it comes to your
Multivitamins for Better Health: Yes or No?Body & Mind

Multivitamins for Better Health: Yes or No?

Do you take a multivitamin every day to help improve your health? Or maybe you supplement your limited diet with
Stretch BreakBody & Mind

Stretch Break

“As humans, we sit a lot,” says Roper St. Francis Healthcare athletic trainer Laurel Pollock. “This shortens and weakens our