Body & Mind

What’s Bugging You?Body & Mind

What’s Bugging You?

A look at the Lowcountry’s most common pests—and how to fend off their bites and stings Written by Anna Miller
A Healthy FoundationBody & Mind

A Healthy Foundation

How much do you know about your skeleton—the framework that carries you throughout your days? Here, get schooled on how
Hit the Surf!Body & Mind

Hit the Surf!

After months spent mostly homebound, you may have a particularly strong itch to immerse yourself in nature this summer and/or
Fixing the LeakAdvances in Healthcare

Fixing the Leak

Open-heart surgery is the standard method for repairing mitral valves, but for some, a treatment option now available at Roper
Are statin medications right for you?Body & Mind

Are statin medications right for you?

About 40 million Americans take a statin medication to lower their LDL cholesterol and reduce their risk for cardiovascular disease.
Summer vaginal healthBody & Mind

Summer vaginal health

Summer vaginal health: take care ‘down there’ Summer is a great time to catch up on medical exams and screenings.
How to combat the coronavirus bluesBody & Mind

How to combat the coronavirus blues

Nearly half of people in the United States say the coronavirus pandemic has negatively affected their mental health, according to
Easy to SwallowAdvances in Healthcare

Easy to Swallow

Written by Hailey Middlebroook Thoracic surgeon Dr. Adam Mace is on a mission to help relieve symptoms of achalasia, a
Got Some Spring in Your Step?Body & Mind

Got Some Spring in Your Step?

Written by Lauren B. Johnson Photographs by Sarah Westmoreland Embrace it! Longer days and mild temps are enticing us all
Take a Break!Body & Mind

Take a Break!

Written By Molly Ramsey Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Coker shares the importance of taking time away
Fresh Health News: Spring 2020Body & Mind

Fresh Health News: Spring 2020

Suffer from Osteoarthritis? Start walking, suggests new research from Northwestern University According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Keep Up the Good Work! Your Future Self Will Thank YouBody & Mind

Keep Up the Good Work! Your Future Self Will Thank You

Committing to healthy habits can be hard, especially since some of the weightiest rewards of eating well, exercising regularly, watching
Utilize Your Lunch BreakBody & Mind

Utilize Your Lunch Break

Written by Molly Ramsey Photographs by Samantha Jean Becker Working movement into your time away from work can increase the
Is Your Teen Protected?Body & Mind

Is Your Teen Protected?

Written By Virginia Beard Vaccinations aren’t just for babies. Read on for a list of immunizations your son or daughter
It’s Time to ShineBody & Mind

It’s Time to Shine

Written by Dustin Waters Retirement provides ample opportunity to pursue your passions, which can yield big benefits for your health 
Women EmpoweredBody & Mind

Women Empowered

Written by Kinsey Gidick Step aside, diamonds. When it comes to health and wellness, a trusted OB/GYN is a girl’s
Pet Power! 3 Ways Your 4-Legged Friends Enhance HealthBody & Mind

Pet Power! 3 Ways Your 4-Legged Friends Enhance Health

Do you identify as a dog person, or perhaps a crazy cat lady? Or maybe you’re an equal opportunity pet
Keeping a Routine in Times of ChangeBody & Mind

Keeping a Routine in Times of Change

These are challenging times for us all. Parents are wearing many hats right now, caring for ourselves, our children and
Adults with ADHD: resolve to reach your goalsBody & Mind

Adults with ADHD: resolve to reach your goals

  For many, the new year brings resolutions and the desire to get organized. But for some adults, staying focused
A Cut AboveAdvances in Healthcare

A Cut Above

Robotic-assisted technology is improving the accuracy and precision of total knee replacements—a procedure that’s on the rise throughout the nation
Fuel Your HealthBody & Mind

Fuel Your Health

This year we’re saying down with the fad diets once and for all and instead are pledging allegiance to a
How to Use that Foam RollerBody & Mind

How to Use that Foam Roller

If you don’t already own a foam roller, you’ve likely seen one at a gym or sporting goods shop. Though
The Power of TouchBody & Mind

The Power of Touch

Unpacking the many health perks of massage By Molly Ramsey Many of us would classify massage as an indulgence: A
What’s In Your DNA?Body & Mind

What’s In Your DNA?

At-home DNA testing kits are surging in popularity. Should you be using them to peek at your genome? –by Virginia