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Keeping a Routine in Times of ChangeBody & Mind

Keeping a Routine in Times of Change

These are challenging times for us all. Parents are wearing many hats right now, caring for ourselves, our children and
Adults with ADHD: resolve to reach your goalsBody & Mind

Adults with ADHD: resolve to reach your goals

  For many, the new year brings resolutions and the desire to get organized. But for some adults, staying focused
A Cut AboveAdvances in Healthcare

A Cut Above

Robotic-assisted technology is improving the accuracy and precision of total knee replacements—a procedure that’s on the rise throughout the nation
Fuel Your HealthBody & Mind

Fuel Your Health

This year we’re saying down with the fad diets once and for all and instead are pledging allegiance to a
How to Use that Foam RollerBody & Mind

How to Use that Foam Roller

If you don’t already own a foam roller, you’ve likely seen one at a gym or sporting goods shop. Though
The Power of TouchBody & Mind

The Power of Touch

Unpacking the many health perks of massage By Molly Ramsey Many of us would classify massage as an indulgence: A
What’s In Your DNA?Body & Mind

What’s In Your DNA?

At-home DNA testing kits are surging in popularity. Should you be using them to peek at your genome? –by Virginia
Fresh Health News: Winter 2020Body & Mind

Fresh Health News: Winter 2020

State of the Arts A new study reveals a major benefit of the arts for middle school-age children From the
Prone to Depression? Prioritize Exercise.Body & Mind

Prone to Depression? Prioritize Exercise.

Crackling fires and cozy comforters may be calling this season, but a 2019 study published in the journal Depression and
Fresh Health News: Fall 2019Body & Mind

Fresh Health News: Fall 2019

A round up of the latest studies on health, wellness, and disease prevention, plus tips for boosting well being Image
Making It Count: KickboxingBody & Mind

Making It Count: Kickboxing

If you’re craving an all-in-one workout that doesn’t feel like a chore, consider a kickboxing or cardio kickboxing class. Kickboxing
Understanding ShameBody & Mind

Understanding Shame

Far more than feeling guilty, shame can be a debilitating condition that manifests in myriad ways, says a Roper St.
Seniors: Do You Know Self-Defense?Body & Mind

Seniors: Do You Know Self-Defense?

How a senior self-defense class is giving people confidence in the face of danger Written by Kinsey Gidick Earlier this
The Latest in Non-Surgical Treatments for ObesityAdvances in Healthcare

The Latest in Non-Surgical Treatments for Obesity

A new non-surgical approach to obesity treatment is here to help you drop the pounds—for good Written by Erin Weeks
Embrace the OutdoorsBody & Mind

Embrace the Outdoors

Even a walk around your block can benefit both body and mind, but additional perks can be had from diving deeper
Cleanse the MindBody & Mind

Cleanse the Mind

The indoors have a certain appeal during the summer months: a fridge full of chilled fare, screens of all sort,
All About SkinBody & Mind

All About Skin

The body’s largest organ has a tough job—protecting all other organs from the outside world. Skin’s role gets even more
Don’t Ignore Symptoms of Mental IllnessBody & Mind

Don’t Ignore Symptoms of Mental Illness

People often try to sweep the symptoms of mental illness under the rug. The average time between the onset of
Lifestyle Choices to Improve Brain HealthBody & Mind

Lifestyle Choices to Improve Brain Health

There’s no cure or treatment for Alzheimer’s and related dementias, but the good news is that there’s a growing body
Take it OutsideBody & Mind

Take it Outside

The winter chill is behind us, leaving longer days, verdant grass, and blooms aplenty. If you’re feeling the pull to
Tips to Get Across the Bridge Run Finish LineBody & Mind

Tips to Get Across the Bridge Run Finish Line

Street lights illuminate a bustling Coleman Boulevard. Crowds of runners, walkers and joggers bump up and down the sidewalks on
Treadmill or Trend-mill? 2019’s Fitness ForecastBody & Mind

Treadmill or Trend-mill? 2019’s Fitness Forecast

Just when you’ve finally mastered the Burpee, there’s something new on the workout horizon—the latest best way to get buff
Unplug to Fully RechargeBody & Mind

Unplug to Fully Recharge

If you are taking time off around the New Year, or anytime really, do yourself (and your colleagues and your
Fall for Running!Body & Mind

Fall for Running!

Ahh, yes…finally! The temperatures are dropping, the air is crisp and refreshing (not muggy and overbearing), and the golden light