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Transform Your Body with Strength TrainingBody & Mind

Transform Your Body with Strength Training

If you’ve been a couch potato too long you are probably wondering how you can possibly get into shape. Don’t
The Many Benefits of ActivityBody & Mind

The Many Benefits of Activity

Exercise has a negative connotation so let’s think positive and call it activity, which is so much more pleasant. Incorporating
Stress is Sometimes Part of Weight Management IssuesBody & Mind

Stress is Sometimes Part of Weight Management Issues

The word should is toxic. We all believe we can accomplish more (we should do this and should do that)
Creatures of HabitBody & Mind

Creatures of Habit

Being creatures of habit can be both a positive and a negative. Sleep, and the lack of sleep, are habits
Pat Yourself on the Back!Body & Mind

Pat Yourself on the Back!

Sometime, hopefully many times, in your life you have praised someone for a job well done, but when was the
Resistance TrainingBody & Mind

Resistance Training

Weight loss can be more effective and sustainable when combined with resistance training. With any weight loss program the first
March Madness: Brackets for Health?Body & Mind

March Madness: Brackets for Health?

In case you live under a rock, here’s a friendly heads up that it’s “game on” for hoops fans. Yep,
Feel Good FoodsBody & Mind

Feel Good Foods

There is a reason that people like to eat sugar, it makes us feel good. Sugar is one of those