Ride the TideCommunity

Ride the Tide

Lobster roll + crispy Brussels sprouts and house-made milk bread at Summerville’s Bexley
Navigating CancerBody & Mind

Navigating Cancer

Roper St. Francis Healthcare follows a team-care model when treating patients for cancer
On Her GameCommunity

On Her Game

Dr. Autumn Shobe set her sights on healing and empowering women with breast cancer
Wagging tails brighten livesBody & Mind

Wagging tails brighten lives

Pets are more than cute companions — they can be sources of comfort, too. That’s the case whether at home
Mighty & MeatlessCommunity

Mighty & Meatless

Red lentil curry with rice and a burrata cheese plate with heirloom tomatoes, spinach and peaches + mango sparkling water…
May All Be WellCommunity

May All Be Well

Through a broad range of healthcare assistance and social services, Greer Transitions Clinic helps underfunded patients steer clear of unnecessary…
Above the SaltBody & Mind

Above the Salt

Seasoned advice about boosting health by cutting down the sodium in your daily diet
On the RecordCommunity

On the Record

With its vision to modernize technology, Roper St. Francis Healthcare launches a state-of-the-art electronic medical record
Tailor MedCommunity

Tailor Med

Gastroenterologist Dr. Eddie Irions practices modern medicine in classic style
Feast Day of St. Francis of AssisiCommunity

Feast Day of St. Francis of Assisi

Mark Dickson, Vice President of Mission for Roper St. Francis Healthcare pays honor to this special day. “Sunrise in the
Rolling into SummerCommunity

Rolling into Summer

Edamame + Cucumber Special and Alaska sushi rolls Contributor Erin Miles, RD, LDPhotograph By Maggie Wilcox From simple standards to
Family TiesCommunity

Family Ties

Dr. Kay Durst carries on a legacy of family medicine east of the Cooper Written By Stratton LawrencePhotographs By Scott
Give of Yourself: Donating BloodBody & Mind

Give of Yourself: Donating Blood

Every two seconds, someone in the United States needs blood for surgery, disease, trauma or illness. “Summer is the season
A Journey SharedBody & Mind

A Journey Shared

Roper St. Francis Healthcare brings together expectant mothers and health providers through a unique model of group prenatal care. Meet…
Not Your Average JoeCommunity

Not Your Average Joe

Coffee shops offer a blend of charm and sustenance, but finding a healthy morning meal from a menu buzzing with…
Balancing ActCommunity

Balancing Act

Family medicine doctor and wellness advocate Dr. Danielle Metzler practices clean living
Connect and learn something new at the Lowcountry, Waring Senior CentersCommunity

Connect and learn something new at the Lowcountry, Waring Senior Centers

Many people have felt disconnected and lonely during the COVID-19 pandemic. But when seniors are socially isolated, they’re at higher
Global Comfort FoodCommunity

Global Comfort Food

Inspired by traditional South Asian roadside restaurants, Malika dishes out authentic Pakistani and Indian street foods with plenty of vegan…
Time ManagerCommunity

Time Manager

Cardiologist Dr. Wills Geils relies on minute adjustments to keep his mental and physical health ticking.
Bowled Over at BeechCommunity

Bowled Over at Beech

Roper St. Francis Healthcare dietitian Erin Castle recently grabbed a satisfying square meal at the trendy downtown location of fast-casual…
The Sweet LifeCommunity

The Sweet Life

From a family hive with five kids to buzzing workdays in women’s health services, OB/GYN Dr. Heather Schwartzberg is one…
Surf & Salad at The KingstideCommunity

Surf & Salad at The Kingstide

Roper St. Francis Healthcare dietitian Jillian Morgan recently caught a fresh meal at this airy newcomer to the Daniel Island…
Living the DreamCommunity

Living the Dream

Emergency medicine doctor and CrossFitter Kelli Young guides her patients in healing beyond just immediate injury and disease Written by