The Tween Hygiene RoutineBody & Mind

The Tween Hygiene Routine

Growing adolescent bodies call for more grown-up personal care habits
Fresh Health News: Fall 2021Advances in Healthcare

Fresh Health News: Fall 2021

Change in Season – A simple salt switch offers plenty of flavor without the unpalatable risks associated with too much
Dry DrowningFamily

Dry Drowning

Stories of dry drowning are frightening accounts of children who seemed fine at first but then became dangerously ill hours
Don’t delay: Everyone 12+ needs a COVID-19 vaccineFamily

Don’t delay: Everyone 12+ needs a COVID-19 vaccine

Vacation plans, cookouts and beach days are filling up our calendars once again. But if there’s one activity that should
Doctor’s NoteBody & Mind

Doctor’s Note

Dr. Valerie Scott, a Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated primary care doctor, shares valuable advice gleaned from her 35-plus years…
Meet Molluscum ContagiosumBody & Mind

Meet Molluscum Contagiosum

The long-lasting but generally harmless skin infection molluscum contagiosum pops up frequently in young children when the humidity rises
Why every high school should have an athletic trainerCommunity

Why every high school should have an athletic trainer

If your child is a student-athlete, you already know the importance of keeping them in tip-top condition. Between training sessions,
Understanding Ear TubesBody & Mind

Understanding Ear Tubes

A quick procedure by an ENT can end a child’s painful cycle of ear infections WRITTEN BY Alex KeithPHOTOGRAPHS BY
Spring FeverBody & Mind

Spring Fever

Fight the pollen! Tips to beat your seasonal allergies when the weather warms WRITTEN BY Stratton Lawrence PHOTOGRAPHS BY (Becky
NEW RESEARCH: Keep in TouchFamily

NEW RESEARCH: Keep in Touch

A 2020 study underscores the significance of skin-to-skin contact between babies and caregivers  Any parent knows that newborn babies crave
5 Ways to Recommit to your health in the New YearFamily

5 Ways to Recommit to your health in the New Year

Welcome to the new year. Yes, it’s finally time to put 2020 behind us. It’s our chance to start fresh
Girl TalkBody & Mind

Girl Talk

Does the thought of discussing puberty with your growing little girl make you flinch? A Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated
Young athletes sports injuriesFamily

Young athletes sports injuries

How to keep young athletes injury-free and in the game Sports are an important part of life for many students.
How to succeed at breastfeedingBody & Mind

How to succeed at breastfeeding

Tips for you and your baby from a lactation pro When you’re expecting a baby, there are a lot of
Ele-Mental: Stay Positive for a Healthy Finish to 2020Body & Mind

Ele-Mental: Stay Positive for a Healthy Finish to 2020

Written by Stratton Lawrence “One star — would not recommend.”  If years received online ratings, 2020 would be a dud.
Immune-Boosting BitesBody & Mind

Immune-Boosting Bites

Fortify your body against infection by eating a balanced diet chock full of whole foods Written by Alex Keith Doctors
Compassionate CareFamily

Compassionate Care

Palliative and hospice care teams offer a variety of comforts for patients and families facing life-limiting illnesses Written by Jennifer
Viral OverloadBody & Mind

Viral Overload

Learn how to navigate flu season in the time of a global pandemic Written by Lauren B. Johnson Coughing, sneezing,
COVID-19 and youth sports: Is it safe to play?Family

COVID-19 and youth sports: Is it safe to play?

As communities, schools and workplaces slowly start to reopen, many are welcoming back another time-honored tradition – the return to
Get Your Game Plan!Body & Mind

Get Your Game Plan!

This fall, kids will (hopefully) be heading back to class after an extra-long break from their routine. Try these proactive
Safeguard Your SightBody & Mind

Safeguard Your Sight

Summer’s here and we’re all heading outside to soak up that sunshine. You’ve likely considered sunscreen (we hope!), but make