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Chemicals in ConcertBody & Mind

Chemicals in Concert

From puberty to PMS, the term hormones gets bandied about often when we’re feeling out of tune, but how well
Colorectal Cancer—It’s Not Just for Older AdultsFeatured Articles

Colorectal Cancer—It’s Not Just for Older Adults

Like more and more colorectal cancer patients nationwide, Mount Pleasant resident Marielle McLeod was young—she’d just turned 36—when she had
Fresh Health News: Winter 2021Body & Mind

Fresh Health News: Winter 2021

Sweet Dreams Swedish study suggests an effective, non-medicinal treatment for insomnia Roughly 30 percent of American adults suffer from intermittent
Matters of the HeartBody & Mind

Matters of the Heart

Do you know the leading killer of American women? The answer is heart disease; however, according to results from a
Beat the BloatBody & Mind

Beat the Bloat

Bloating is a common complaint, but do you know why it occurs? Here’s the why, how and what to do
Life BloodBody & Mind

Life Blood

Your blood connects your whole body and tells the story of your health. But how much do you actually know
Balancing ActBody & Mind

Balancing Act

Unsteady on your feet? A primary care doctor weighs in on next steps Disorientation. Disequilibrium. Vertigo. There are a dizzying
What you can do today to stay healthy for lifeFeatured Articles

What you can do today to stay healthy for life

Healthy aging tips from Roper St. Francis Healthcare In our own ways and on our own time, we all face
Compassionate CareFamily

Compassionate Care

Palliative and hospice care teams offer a variety of comforts for patients and families facing life-limiting illnesses Written by Jennifer
Listen Up!Body & Mind

Listen Up!

When to talk to a doctor about hearing loss Written by Kinsey Gidick The winter holidays mark a time for
Take control of your breast healthFeatured Articles

Take control of your breast health

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month but taking control of your breast health is more than a one-month commitment. While
When Was the Last Time You Had a Checkup?Healthy Aging

When Was the Last Time You Had a Checkup?

Want to live a longer, healthier life? A regular checkup with your doctor will help. Read on to see if
Men’s Health: Stay well with preventive medicineFeatured Articles

Men’s Health: Stay well with preventive medicine

Let’s be honest: A trip to the doctor’s office doesn’t top anyone’s fun list. But, regular well visits are key
Managing the symptoms of menopauseFeatured Articles

Managing the symptoms of menopause

Recognize the Signs to Find the Relief You Need Women often dread or fear menopause. But for many, it can
What’s on Your Plate?Body & Mind

What’s on Your Plate?

A Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated dietitian shares senior-specific nutrition tips Written by Dustin Waters While we can’t redo health
Fresh Health News: Summer 2020Body & Mind

Fresh Health News: Summer 2020

Going the Distance New research suggests how much you walk may be more important than how hard you hustle If
Safeguard Your SightBody & Mind

Safeguard Your Sight

Summer’s here and we’re all heading outside to soak up that sunshine. You’ve likely considered sunscreen (we hope!), but make
A Healthy FoundationBody & Mind

A Healthy Foundation

How much do you know about your skeleton—the framework that carries you throughout your days? Here, get schooled on how
Seven essential men’s health screeningsFeatured Articles

Seven essential men’s health screenings

Why you should get over your dread of the doctor right now Unlike women, who are often referred to a
Are you caring for someone with Alzheimer’s?Featured Articles

Are you caring for someone with Alzheimer’s?

  If you are caring for someone with Alzheimer’s disease, you know that the experience is both a gift and
Got Some Spring in Your Step?Body & Mind

Got Some Spring in Your Step?

Written by Lauren B. Johnson Photographs by Sarah Westmoreland Embrace it! Longer days and mild temps are enticing us all
Keep Up the Good Work! Your Future Self Will Thank YouBody & Mind

Keep Up the Good Work! Your Future Self Will Thank You

Committing to healthy habits can be hard, especially since some of the weightiest rewards of eating well, exercising regularly, watching
It’s Time to ShineBody & Mind

It’s Time to Shine

Written by Dustin Waters Retirement provides ample opportunity to pursue your passions, which can yield big benefits for your health