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Vegan Fare from Gnome CaféCommunity

Vegan Fare from Gnome Café

Pad Thai salad with fried tofu and locally brewed kombucha Contributor: Jillian Morgan, RD, LD, CDE Photograph by Sarah Alsati
Make It Healthier: Pies & CobblersRecipes & Nutrition

Make It Healthier: Pies & Cobblers

Contributor: Erin Castle, RD, LD Blueberry cobbler, cherry pie, peach pie … summer celebrations often call for these staple sweet
Do You Snore?Body & Mind

Do You Snore?

A Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated sleep specialist weighs in on snoring: when it’s normal, how to curb it and
Safeguard Your SightBody & Mind

Safeguard Your Sight

Summer’s here and we’re all heading outside to soak up that sunshine. You’ve likely considered sunscreen (we hope!), but make
What’s Bugging You?Body & Mind

What’s Bugging You?

A look at the Lowcountry’s most common pests—and how to fend off their bites and stings Written by Anna Miller
A Healthy FoundationBody & Mind

A Healthy Foundation

How much do you know about your skeleton—the framework that carries you throughout your days? Here, get schooled on how
Summer vaginal healthBody & Mind

Summer vaginal health

Summer vaginal health: take care ‘down there’ Summer is a great time to catch up on medical exams and screenings.
Beyond bugs: snakebites and jellyfish stingsFeatured Articles

Beyond bugs: snakebites and jellyfish stings

Common outdoor pests can put a damper on summer plans. But some less-common bites and stings—like those from snakes or
Make it Healthier: CocktailsRecipes & Nutrition

Make it Healthier: Cocktails

  Spring is typically a busy season for outdoor socializing. And for adults, festive gatherings often include alcohol. As temperatures
Diet Myth: Going Gluten-Free Will Help You Lose WeightRecipes & Nutrition

Diet Myth: Going Gluten-Free Will Help You Lose Weight

  THE FLAW: Gluten is the protein most commonly found in breads and grains. “While eliminating breads, cereals, pastas, etc.
A Healthy Date-Night Meal from Edison James IslandCommunity

A Healthy Date-Night Meal from Edison James Island

Photograph by Samantha Jean Becker Pan-seared pork tenderloin with steamed shrimp dumplings and a baby greens salad Tucked in the
Could You Spot a Stroke?Advances in Healthcare

Could You Spot a Stroke?

“When symptoms start showing up, you have to respond immediately,” says local stroke survivor Ron Brinson, pictured here with his
Got Some Spring in Your Step?Body & Mind

Got Some Spring in Your Step?

Written by Lauren B. Johnson Photographs by Sarah Westmoreland Embrace it! Longer days and mild temps are enticing us all
Take a Break!Body & Mind

Take a Break!

Written By Molly Ramsey Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Coker shares the importance of taking time away
Women EmpoweredBody & Mind

Women Empowered

Written by Kinsey Gidick Step aside, diamonds. When it comes to health and wellness, a trusted OB/GYN is a girl’s
It’s Sniffle SeasonTips From Our Experts

It’s Sniffle Season

Just in time for the peak of cold and flu season, a Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated family medicine doctor
Fuel Your HealthBody & Mind

Fuel Your Health

This year we’re saying down with the fad diets once and for all and instead are pledging allegiance to a
Dietitian-Approved Meals from Kairos MediterraneanCommunity

Dietitian-Approved Meals from Kairos Mediterranean

(Top Right) Power Greens Salad with falafel and a Great Grains Bowl with chicken and grilled vegetables; (Bottom Left)  Great
Diet Myth: Setting One-Size-Fits-All Limits on MacronutrientsRecipes & Nutrition

Diet Myth: Setting One-Size-Fits-All Limits on Macronutrients

THE FLAW: “Many patients ask for across-the-board recommendations for macronutrients, like how many grams of carbohydrates or fats food items
The Power of TouchBody & Mind

The Power of Touch

Unpacking the many health perks of massage By Molly Ramsey Many of us would classify massage as an indulgence: A
Motion GrantedAdvances in Healthcare

Motion Granted

Less than two years after a car accident that shattered her lower limbs, Johns Island resident Lynn Green—pictured here at
Make it Healthy: PastaRecipes & Nutrition

Make it Healthy: Pasta

Spaghetti and meatballs, Alfredo and lasagna—many of our favorite comfort foods involve pasta noodles. And while no one’s touting them
Understanding ShameBody & Mind

Understanding Shame

Far more than feeling guilty, shame can be a debilitating condition that manifests in myriad ways, says a Roper St.
Here’s What a Dietitian Orders from Crust Wood Fired PizzaRecipes & Nutrition

Here’s What a Dietitian Orders from Crust Wood Fired Pizza

Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated dietitian Erin Castle walks us through a nutritious lunch or dinner order for two at