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Ask the Expert: EggsRecipes & Nutrition

Ask the Expert: Eggs

Egg choices are a dime a dozen: grain fed, free range, cageless, farm fresh, white, brown, blue, even purple. Is…
Diet MistakeBody & Mind

Diet Mistake

Diet Mistake: Dwelling on what we stand to lose rather than what can be gained from healthy changes
Bowled Over at BeechCommunity

Bowled Over at Beech

Roper St. Francis Healthcare dietitian Erin Castle recently grabbed a satisfying square meal at the trendy downtown location of fast-casual…
Pain in the BumBody & Mind

Pain in the Bum

Too much sitting or standing stresses the deep-seated piriformis muscle and leads to rear end aches
Supporting Breast HealthBody & Mind

Supporting Breast Health

Here, we review the most up-to-date advice given to women for supporting these glandular organs, from anatomical awareness to chest…
The Metabolism FactorBody & Mind

The Metabolism Factor

Decoding how the body’s complex chemical processes influence the numbers on your scale
Aligning the SpineBody & Mind

Aligning the Spine

The spine serves as the backbone of human mobility, but back pain flattens eight out of 10 people at some…
Doctor’s NoteBody & Mind

Doctor’s Note

Dr. Jeffrey Armstrong, a Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated podiatric surgeon and certified athletic trainer, kicks around his top advice…
Halloween and DiabetesTips From Our Experts

Halloween and Diabetes

Trick or treat, trick or treat, give me something good to eat! We all remember that saying when we were
Preventive Screenings: Know in AdvanceBody & Mind

Preventive Screenings: Know in Advance

Preventive screenings help us stay one step ahead of some of the deadliest diseases, because when it comes to your
How We Grill Really MattersFeatured Articles

How We Grill Really Matters

Backyard grills across the Lowcountry are getting quite a workout with summer in full swing. That’s why Dr. Valerie Scott
Multivitamins for Better Health: Yes or No?Body & Mind

Multivitamins for Better Health: Yes or No?

Do you take a multivitamin every day to help improve your health? Or maybe you supplement your limited diet with
Surf & Salad at The KingstideCommunity

Surf & Salad at The Kingstide

Roper St. Francis Healthcare dietitian Jillian Morgan recently caught a fresh meal at this airy newcomer to the Daniel Island…
Diet Mistake: Trying to alter how your body looks using certain foodsRecipes & Nutrition

Diet Mistake: Trying to alter how your body looks using certain foods

THE FLAW: “Eat this to zap belly fat!” “Drink that to erase cellulite!” We’ve all been pitched these empty promises,
Ask the Expert: MilksRecipes & Nutrition

Ask the Expert: Milks

You want to know: Moooove over, cow’s milk. Over the last several years, an outpouring of alternative “milks” has filled
Cross-Training: A Winning CombinationBody & Mind

Cross-Training: A Winning Combination

Discover how cross-training can improve both your physical and mental game
Gut Check: The Skinny on Belly FatBody & Mind

Gut Check: The Skinny on Belly Fat

About 59 percent of Americans are saddled with abdominal obesity. Learn about the dangers of belly fat
Liquid AssetBody & Mind

Liquid Asset

Plain and simple, water keeps us alive and helps us thrive
Hydration key to avoiding painful kidney stonesFeatured Articles

Hydration key to avoiding painful kidney stones

The heat is on. And with rising temperatures and increased activity levels, you may be at greater risk for dehydration.
The COVID-19 Vaccine & MoreTips From Our Experts

The COVID-19 Vaccine & More

PHOTOGRAPHS BY (vaccine) & (dad & daughter) Akarawut When COVID-19 launched a state of emergency last spring, most of
DIET MISTAKE: Consuming sugar-free everything to lose weightRecipes & Nutrition

DIET MISTAKE: Consuming sugar-free everything to lose weight

CONTRIBUTOR Jillian Morgan, RD, LD, CDE  THE FLAW: When trying to create a calorie deficit, many people swap sugary beverages
Ask the Expert: BreadsRecipes & Nutrition

Ask the Expert: Breads

CONTRIBUTOR Jillian Morgan, RD, LD, CDE UPPER CRUST: You want to know: Wheat, whole-grain, sprouted, sourdough, seven-grain, homemade—any way you
Perk Up Your PostureBody & Mind

Perk Up Your Posture

What does it mean to have “good” posture? The answer may surprise you! WRITTEN BY Molly RamseyPHOTOGRAPHS BY (woman) Josep
Under AttackBody & Mind

Under Attack

Panic attacks affect millions of Americans each year, yet remain highly misunderstood. Learn what triggers these waves of overwhelming terror