Get Your Game Plan!Body & Mind

Get Your Game Plan!

This fall, kids will (hopefully) be heading back to class after an extra-long break from their routine. Try these proactive
Do You Snore?Body & Mind

Do You Snore?

A Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated sleep specialist weighs in on snoring: when it’s normal, how to curb it and
Get Your Gardening On!Well-Being

Get Your Gardening On!

A 2020 study from Princeton University found that gardening boosts people’s mental health and happiness levels as much as activities
Fresh Health News: Summer 2020Body & Mind

Fresh Health News: Summer 2020

Going the Distance New research suggests how much you walk may be more important than how hard you hustle If
Safeguard Your SightBody & Mind

Safeguard Your Sight

Summer’s here and we’re all heading outside to soak up that sunshine. You’ve likely considered sunscreen (we hope!), but make
What’s Bugging You?Body & Mind

What’s Bugging You?

A look at the Lowcountry’s most common pests—and how to fend off their bites and stings Written by Anna Miller
Hit the Surf!Body & Mind

Hit the Surf!

After months spent mostly homebound, you may have a particularly strong itch to immerse yourself in nature this summer and/or
Fixing the LeakAdvances in Healthcare

Fixing the Leak

Open-heart surgery is the standard method for repairing mitral valves, but for some, a treatment option now available at Roper
It’s True: Face Masks Protect Communities from CovidFeatured Articles

It’s True: Face Masks Protect Communities from Covid

Make Masking Up Your Contribution to Fighting Coronavirus Masks may take a little getting used to, but as coronavirus numbers
Your heart rate says a lot about youFeatured Articles

Your heart rate says a lot about you

  Your heart beats about 115,000 times in 24 hours, faithfully circulating blood throughout your body. That’s probably not something
It’s high season for allergies. Are you ready?Featured Articles

It’s high season for allergies. Are you ready?

  Sneezing? Check. Stuffy nose? Yes. Watery eyes? Yup. Must be allergy season in South Carolina. Seasonal allergies are caused by
Easy to SwallowAdvances in Healthcare

Easy to Swallow

Written by Hailey Middlebroook Thoracic surgeon Dr. Adam Mace is on a mission to help relieve symptoms of achalasia, a
Could You Spot a Stroke?Advances in Healthcare

Could You Spot a Stroke?

“When symptoms start showing up, you have to respond immediately,” says local stroke survivor Ron Brinson, pictured here with his
Got Some Spring in Your Step?Body & Mind

Got Some Spring in Your Step?

Written by Lauren B. Johnson Photographs by Sarah Westmoreland Embrace it! Longer days and mild temps are enticing us all
Soothe Your Seasonal AllergiesWell-Being

Soothe Your Seasonal Allergies

The flowers are blooming and beach days are starting. Spring in the Lowcountry is splendid, for sure. However, if you’re
Take a Break!Body & Mind

Take a Break!

Written By Molly Ramsey Roper St. Francis Healthcare affiliated psychiatrist Dr. Sarah Coker shares the importance of taking time away
Fresh Health News: Spring 2020Body & Mind

Fresh Health News: Spring 2020

Suffer from Osteoarthritis? Start walking, suggests new research from Northwestern University According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Keep Up the Good Work! Your Future Self Will Thank YouBody & Mind

Keep Up the Good Work! Your Future Self Will Thank You

Committing to healthy habits can be hard, especially since some of the weightiest rewards of eating well, exercising regularly, watching
Is Your Teen Protected?Body & Mind

Is Your Teen Protected?

Written By Virginia Beard Vaccinations aren’t just for babies. Read on for a list of immunizations your son or daughter
Women EmpoweredBody & Mind

Women Empowered

Written by Kinsey Gidick Step aside, diamonds. When it comes to health and wellness, a trusted OB/GYN is a girl’s
Keeping a Routine in Times of ChangeBody & Mind

Keeping a Routine in Times of Change

These are challenging times for us all. Parents are wearing many hats right now, caring for ourselves, our children and
Why Colonoscopy is CriticalFeatured Articles

Why Colonoscopy is Critical

Mention going to get a colonoscopy to a friend or loved one and you’ll likely get either a grimace or